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Buying a home is one of the most critical decisions you will probably ever make. It can be stressful, confusing and risky.HOME INSOECTION

While buying home from the market, there is what is known as the buyer risk. In most cases this risk is limited to the normal wear and tear of the home. Overall, the house should function as originally designed.


The seller in this regard have the obligation to declare any abnormal, abuse or defects in the home. This is however not always the case. In many occasions the sellers them selves are not aware of such defects.

At Alfa Properties Inspections, we take care of that. We make sure that your home is in good condition and should function property.

Our advanced Tools and Instruments together with our extensive experience will be employed to make sure that no stone is left unturned. We shall inspect, test and examine almost every aspect of the home, starting form the foundations all the way up to the appliances.

Our services extend beyond that. We, at you discretion, can be involved way ahead of your selection to the house. During the process, we shall be sending you information and instructions regarding things to look for. Once you decide upon your ultimate selection, we shall perform our inspection accordingly, and shall be providing advise on your best options for any repair, maintenance and any future requirements that will maintain your home at it's best shape. 


At the end of the inspection, you will get a comprehensive report explaining different aspect of the house and how to deal with them, together with an overall conclusion on the overall shape of the house. You should keep this report in a safe place for future reference and as an essential record for the property status at the time of purchase. You will need to refer back to this report after many years should you decide to go for a sale.


ALFA Property Inspector covers the following service areas: Toronto – GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton, Hamilton, Georgetown, New Market, Markham, Richmond Hill, Whitby.


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